New Chelsea!

Sopping red hair fell in her eyes, but Chelsea couldn’t spare a hand to move it. Alex’s eyes wouldn’t open, and he didn’t seem to be breathing. Not even the pouring rain could wake him.

Yes, today is Chelsea Day!

You still have three hours to sign up and find out what happened to Alex, and what Chelsea will do next.


Drip, drip, drip

Last week, I gave the unfinished Red Witch manuscript to the betas and writing group. Slowly, word is trickling back.


So far, I’m on the right track. Pacing is good, characters stay in character, and dialogue is on point.

Which hopefully means I can get back to work in a few weeks and bang the rest of this out. I will need to discuss the direction for the last bit of the book, but I’m feeling much more optimistic.

Stop trying to make it happen.

I have tried reading the entire manuscript out loud to the husband.


I have tried not thinking about it.


I have tried walking and dancing for inspiration.


I have even tried switching up my writing music.


But three weeks later, I kind of have to admit that my mind is not on the Red Witch, and I can’t force it to be.

So what can I do?


For now, I have sent the unfinished manuscript off to the betas and made it available to my writing group. And that will have to do. Hopefully some feedback with unlock my brain.

It’s Chelsea Day!

Chelsea Childling is back today!

Sonja is making some rather uncomfortable waves for Chelsea and Amber. Their fledgling relationship can handle reavers, but can it handle doubt?


Yes, our favorite redhead is once again getting into hot water as she learns how to hunt monsters!



No, not that one…

There’s still time to sign up today for your free story.  Chelsea stories come out once a month (no email spam here!) and are completely free!

It’s a Holiday!


There should be Chelsea today, but it’s a holiday and I’m lazy.


So next Monday you can have your Chelsea.

Two-thirds done, longest third to go

Assuming an equal length to the last draft, I am now 2/3 of the way done with this draft.


However, this is also the section of the book that needs the most work. Not only do I have to expand the fight scenes, but all those “little” changes have come due. The ending needs to be almost completely rewritten.


So I’m still staring down that long ass highway.


Regardless, I am getting excited. I might have a draft by the end of summer, and that feels amazing.

So it’s time to buckle and get writing. We’re almost there~


New Chelsea!!


My monthly series is out today. 
This month, Chelsea learns how to fight a giant, and that her girlfriend has some apprehension about the new hunter in town. It seems that Sonja isn’t as cool as she seems.

And to my readers, yes, *that* Sonja.