It’s a Brand New Day, Chelsea Childling

The door popped open and two long, dark, furry creatures scurried across the floor in opposite directions.
Chelsea groaned. “Not again.” The nearly forgotten stitches in her arm began to itch as she searched the floor for the dronkes. “You really need a better cage.”


Dronkes and Coffee

The raw light of day rubbed at her red eyes a moment before Chelsea realized she was awake. She promptly fell off the couch. As she stumbled to her feet, the strangeness of her surroundings hit her.
This was not the brick and concrete apartment she shared with Amber. The dark faux-wood paneling should have tipped her off much sooner. She took a step and nearly fell again. Leaning against a recliner, Chelsea realized that she was drunk.

A Night in the Life

Dean realized he was beating a nervous tattoo on the steering wheel and put his hands in his coat pockets. “Matty, are you sure about this?” The wolf in the passenger seat flashed a shady side-eye, and once more Dean marveled at seeing one of his boyfriend’s facial expressions on a werewolf. “Look, I don’t […]