Chelsea Waits Out a Blizzard

The second day of the storm had Chelsea pacing the hotel room. There were five steps between walls. The only five steps she had. She’d been walking them since she woke up.

Chelsea and Rick

He shuffled over, eyes bright and smiling. Chelsea’s stomach bottomed out. The man had tried to lie about his name and had done so poorly. Like many new hunters did. Yet he had beheaded a fairly big monster in moments. He moved a bit like the older people she hunted with, smooth and precise. But Rick had… an edge. He was so much faster… better than anybody she’d ever seen.

Chelsea Fights Taku-He

This is a series of free short stories, detailing the adventures of Chelsea Childling, a Newbie Monster Hunter. If you want to start at the beginning, click here. If you want to see an index of all the Chelsea stories, click here. Chelsea leaned against the car door, eyes glued to Bentley. Curled up on the […]

Chelsea and the Blind Bronco

“Oh my God, Keegan… I don’t like this option, but it’s the right one, so it’s what we’re doing. Let me sulk and bitch a little, let me fucking vent.”
He rubbed at his long nose. “Will you learn their names this time?”
“Yes.” She gripped the steering wheel, knuckles white.