So many changes

I’ve spent the last week reworking Red Witch. I can’t call it a rewrite because I’m not really changing the plot.

I am speeding up the action. Combining chapters and rearranging them. Which occasionally mean switching which character has the POV, and cutting/adding to a scene.

The good news is that I’ve been working away. The bad news is that I keep losing track of my laptop’s cord…


I’m about a quarter of the way through this reorganization, and I have no idea how long it’ll take to finish. I tend to work about 2-4 hours and then get stuck.  Then I spend 12-18 hours thinking my way through the problem. Once unstuck, it’s another 2-4 hours of work.

Repeat with blaring music until insane.


We’ll see how I look by this time next week.


Finally, something clicked

I’ve been really stuck for awhile.

My novels really play with the mash up of genres. The mixtures of fantasy, noir, horror, and adventure that makes up “Urban Fantasy” can be fluid. And Red Witch was really supposed to lean heavily into “horror”.



Guess which one of my artistic influences I want to channel for this book?

The first draft had the horror, but lacked the character-focus I prefer.

The second draft got the characters running things again, but now te horror aspect is all but gone.

So two months of brainstorming, and I think I see the way to bring the horror back.

This never-ending seesaw will balance eventually. Character-driven horror isn’t a new or unique concept. I just have to find the balance.


But having a plan is the first part. And I plan I have.




…my twitter followers feel me.



Today, though, I have new Chelsea.


Chelsea and Amber are finally going to have that talk that’s been brewing for awhile. Let’s hope they both survive it.

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Nailing jello to a tree, during a heatwave

The last month has been rough for me, as far as writing is concerned.


Far worse than genuine writer’s block, I’ve had writer’s lack of ability to get the DAMN WORDS OUT.

I know what I want to write. I know where to put it in the draft, but nope, it’s not getting written.

So what to do?


At present, at least once a week, I get on twitter, list all the ways I am procrastinating, eventually forcing myself to write. Then I post the totals. It’s not ideal, but it means some work is getting done.

The other thing is talking about my work. My writing groups and beta readers, but also my husband, the only person on earth who knows the full story. It really helps me get the story out. Or at least straight in my own head.

Hopefully, I can get some real motivation soon.



Oh crap, I forgot my blog…

Sorry I didn’t post this earlier… I’ve been writing… kind of.



I had a major breakthrough in Red Witch, but I’m having some trouble implementing it. I need to find the right places to make those changes.


And then there is Book Three… which is all kinds of tricky and complicated. It’s very, very hard to write a book without using the Main Character’s POV. I’m persevering, though.

the wall

That one has been put on hold until I figure out how to fix Red Witch though. At this point, I need to make sure my timelines match up. My novels are much, much more complicated that my novellas, and I play with structure and timeline a lot. So any changes to the timeline are pretty massive.

But it’s the best thing for the book, so I have to get it done.


Regardless, I am writing again, and it feels soooo good.


Happy Monday

I got so much writing done last week.


Okay, not really. But I did get a vignette finished for the Uncommon Animals Anthology and I got to write chapter that I’ve been envisioning for several years. And I figured out how to “fix” a huge section of Red Witch. All of this, of course, is awesome… even if it isn’t large amounts of words being put down.

And I didn’t actually finish chapter 12 yet.


So yeah… lots to do, and still getting it done. Mostly. I hope.tumblr_inline_mt119ofqxp1qz4rgp

I’m not sure if I will continue to draft book three, or hop back over to Red Witch, clean it up, and send it out for beta reads. We’ll see what I want to work on this week.

For now, I have chores calling my name.



Happy New Year!!

The kids are back in school. And… yeah, rough morning. But, I’m hoping that some peace and quiet means that I can really procrastinate.


Things have been slow, but that’s pretty normal for the end of the year. Between NaNoWriMo and the holidays, most writers are busy. Beta reading all but stops and writing slows to a crawl.

However, as the long, dark cold nights take over, from our cocoons of blankets… and holiday alcoholism, writers begin to be writers again.


For now, I’m going to bask in the newest Chelsea story, and bug my friends for something to read. Because maybe, just maybe, if I ignore it long enough that chapter really will  write itself.


A very Merry whatever holiday you celebrate

Yes, it’s that time. Santa’s Amazon is going on holiday hiatus.

The kids are home, the cookies need to be baked, and I have a closet full of presents to wrap.

I’m in freakin heaven.


But it does make finding the time to write difficult at best. I am, as I type this, putting off letting the kids in my room, where the Xbox is. They don’t get video game time during the week and Minecraft is calling.


But only two of them are dying for Minecraft. The third is quite happy playing Xcom. And by happy I mean yelling at the screen and discussing strategy out loud.

Basically, I love my kids, but there is no concentrating on snappy dialogue while they are home. At least not if I want to keep track of them. And believe me, it’s always best to keep track of them.


I have two boys and a girl, but yeah… These are my kids. 



So I’ll be back on January 2nd, with new Chelsea.



Free stories!


Until then, celebrate the holidays as you do!

See you next year.