I survived

After putting off all writing for three days to sit through the mega-storm… I was a tad disappointed to just have an ordinary story. As weird as that sounds.

Anti-climax is a thing, and it can be just as annoying in real life as it is in fiction.

As for me, I’m getting the back porch furniture back on the porch, and trying to get caught up on reading.

It’s that time again…

All around me, my fellow writers are prepping for NaNoWriMo.

And while I adore NaNo, I haven’t done it for a few years. I’m pretty good about pushing myself by myself. I don’t affirmation to write anymore.

But then I started thinking about how great it would be to get ahead on my Chelsea Childling stories. As I try to keep them around 1000 words, doing a NaNoWriMo would give me about three years worth of stories… And I love the idea of being that far ahead.

So, NaNo Ho!


It’s the first Monday of the month!

Yes, it’s that time again. Chelsea Time!


At noon today, you can read the next chapter in my ongoing flash series about a totally normal, non-magically enhanced human, who is learning to hunt and fight monsters.

But other than that? Nope, not much. The webcomic is still on hiatus (Miss Ashley Jane got a paying gig!) until November.

Still getting crits and giving them.

Still writing my novels.

Life is beautiful.



I have no idea what this blog post will be about

Yes,  I am writing, and reading for my betas, and being a full-time mom. So I should have lots to talk about right?



I am writing, but I’m drafting and editing doorstoppers.  Long, detailed, slow paced novels full of twists and turns and characters that most people haven’t read, and which I haven’t published. So like.. I can post the funny thing that I wrote Brenda saying… but nobody cares.

i dunno

And I can’t spoil anything about my betas books, because well, not my books. Although I can plug their other work.

My friends

But as for me… I’m just doing my thing. Turning coffee and ADHD into words. It’s just not very exciting to talk about.




So the betas are all over Red Witch, and a few are even combing The Haven again. But these are dense books that require concentration… and Red Witch is still finding it’s way, and that’s a long complicated process that will take years to finish…

In other words,  I’m bored.


This isn’t to knock my betas and critiquers. They are plugging away, and doing a great job. This is a manifestation of my inability to wait with grace. Waiting for feedback so I can make the changes, minute and huge, that make a better book is basically torture for me.


So what to do? There’s always a need more Chelsea stories.



Click on the pic to sign up for my free monthly story. And remember, shame is for people without student loans!

But I have a bunch of Chelsea stories in the hopper already.

So I’m back to bored.


Editing is not my favorite thing to do. Editing my novels is significantly harder than my short stories and novellas.

But drafting is easy. Letting my characters out to play is much, much moer fun than cleaning up after them.

So I think I’m going to read a few chapters for a writing partner, and then I’m going to look up what Edie and Marley are doing in book three…




Because I’m trying to downsize my stress…

Here’s a blog post I did over the weekend. Read this if you need my literary musings.

I have a chapter to finish.




It happened slowly, and then all at once.


One day I was lamenting relearning to slow my prose, and the next I had a list of fifteen names for background characters that I knew I would maybe use two of during the actual writing.


It sounds ridiculous, but everybody who writes an epic has those lists. And because these are background characters that I use on the regular, they were all given a few characteristics and a sentence or two of backstory.

And when I finished this list, I  immediately got online and announced it to my epic fantasy writing group.


And I got cheered.


The beacons have been lit, The Haven has called for aid, and my fellow writers have answered.



If I had the slightest commitment to this bit, I would have changed Rohirrim to Betas.

Now I just have to finish the damn thing. Book One: The Haven is done. Book Two: The Red Witch… is still in the white room stage, the other four? We’ll get to it. I don’t have a publishing date, just the will to get this written.

And I finally feel like a writer of epics again.